History of Vespa Congo


As we both know, war is raging on the continent of Africa in the decade of 1960 to give effect to the popularity of the Vespa irrational, especially in our beloved homeland. As part of the Indonesian nation concern to world peace, then after the end of Congo War (the country changed its name several times the Congo, Zaire, Congo) dated July 31, 1960 the United Nations proclaimed the Republic of Indonesia to send its troops to be part of the peacekeeping force in Congo State. Being a high concern for peace on earth, Nation Indonesia sent its best troops to the Congo with a password Forces Garuda Indonesia through several times landing.
After duty as peacekeepers completed, Garuda Indonesia troops receive a token of appreciation from the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, where one of them a Vespa (from some sources say that the administration was also there in the form of money and a few crates sewing needle). Seen here Vespa has indeed binding on us (the scooteris) with our nation in the international arena, although it is never written in gold ink history of this republic.
Vespa interesting note that the award is also not free from tradition in the military world. Some sources say that for a green Vespa 150 cc is for soldiers who a higher rank level, while the yellow and blue 125 cc for the lower rank levels. In addition to complement the identity of the Vespa is also pinned a sign on the number of soldiers is concerned, on the left handlebar (handlebar) oval-shaped material made of brass and an accompanying plaque.

After that it is in those years as the Vespa Vespa ramailah Congo wandering in the streets, which adds a new Vespa Vespa type had previously been present. This condition was also a positive impact on sales of Vespa in the homeland at that time. Vespa Congo who have been contributing globular form of free advertising for Vespa importers in Indonesia. This development then led a kind of stigma here that Vespa Vespa round  ... Congo.

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